email sent September 21, 2015

Subject: Chasing Time…

… or, How’s This for a Short eMail?

It’s been almost a year since I entered the clinical trial. Time sure flies when you feel good. I just received my last dose. Woohoooo!!! At least that’s the plan. If a tumor or two chooses to misbehave over the next year I can likely qualify to get dosed some more. Otherwise, with the recent FDA release of other immunotherapy drugs and related clinical trials, multiple options are possible. But, for now, I’m banking on my immune system to continue to thwart the malevolent scoundrels.

And this Friday, Vicki and I are heading off on a road trip to somewhere in New Mexico. We have no reservations. As it once was. As it should be.

I cannot thank enough all of you and so many others whose care giving, expertise, prayers, kindness, positive thoughts and well wishes have got me this far… especially Vicki and Ned. The outcome has been beyond, well beyond, all of my hopes.

With continued love, gratitude and amazement,



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