Sometimes God Throws a Brick: A Chronicle of Living, A Reflection on Life…

or Thriving while Surviving Lung Cancer: Musings, Updates and Advice.

I was first diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer 4 years ago. I was scheduled to fly around the world on a business trip, to work with friends in a few countries. Obviously, I had to cancel the trip. Despite my desire to keep the diagnosis and dire prognosis (weeks to months) quiet, I knew everyone would want to reschedule. So I was compelled to send an email explaining my situation. The response led to advice that saved my life: ask for help and immediately seek a second opinion from the best oncologist you can find. That email led to a stream of update emails. These missives have evolved from clinical updates to becoming more philosophical and spiritual. They, plus excerpts from my journal, have been collected into a memoir entitled Sometimes God Throws a Brick that can be downloaded free of charge from my website Another document, Cancer Treatment Advice, is also available for downloading.

This blog will feature my update emails.